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How we can help you

  • Puppy Socialization
  • Puppy Development
  • Aggression
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Resource Guarding
  • Destructiveness
  • Barking
  • Recall
  • Jumping
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • All Reactivity

Choose The Right Training Plan For You


Virtual Training / Consultation

$ 139 Per Hour
  • 60 Minutes Each


$ 289 One Time Fee
  • 90 Minutes Total
  • In Person Session


$ 648 4 Sessions
  • 60 Minutes Each
  • 4 In Person Training
  • Follow Up

Elite Program / Behavioral Modification

$ 1168 8 Sessions
  • 60 Minutes Each
  • Weekly Follow Up
  • Limited Text Support

Please note that all training sessions are non-refundable. We do not offer refunds or exchanges for any training sessions purchased through our website or in-person. By purchasing a training session, you agree to these terms and acknowledge that you will not be entitled to any refunds or returns. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that may prevent you from attending a scheduled session, and we will make every effort to accommodate rescheduling requests whenever possible. However, please note that rescheduling requests are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all requests.
Please note that for the Elite program, all sessions must be used within 90 days, and for puppy development and multi-session packages, all sessions must be used within 60 days. A 48-hour notice is required to reschedule or cancel to avoid forfeiting the sessions. Additionally, we conduct training sessions regardless of the weather, and any weather-related rescheduling is at OUR discretion.
If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please contact us before purchasing a training session. 

compassionate behavior modification

Let Greta & Richie teach you how to build a stable & heathy relationship with your dog.

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

I embrace the balanced training method as dog evolution intended.

Here at Greta Trains Dogs we don’t provide Board & Train as of today. We specialize in teaching YOU to build a relationship with your dog.

It doesn’t need to be. We can work smarter by mentally exhausting most dogs. The training is tailored to you and your dog.

Once per week at a minimum. If you desire accelerated improvement we can always schedule more.

We do not currently have a physical location. We have agreements with several businesses allowing us to train indoors when necessary for desensitization exercises and weather reasons.

Initially, yes. We can, however train with your furry friend without you after 2-4 sessions in order to achieve the desired behavior.

NO.  Fortunately dogs are not like humans and they can be reconditioned far more easily. 

NO.  Are puppies as young as eight weeks old are welcome, the coursework is tailored to you and your little friend. 

 Yes, Puppy and adult dog classes will be announced via social media and on our website. Contact us if you’d like a presentation for your organization.


Elena Iannucci Bley
Elena Iannucci Bley
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Many of you know Rex and Maxi as the amazing dogs they are. But let’s just say they are not the best on a leash and with two little guys riding bikes, walking them was not possible. I reached out to Richie @gretatrainsdogs and he worked with us to achieve exactly what I wanted. With continued practice of his strategies I have no doubts that I’ll be able to walk the dogs and watch the boys. He knows his stuff and listens to what I wanted. I do not need soldier dogs, I needed something that worked for me and he addressed exactly that. Highly recommend him! (Oh- and Rex and Maxi really liked him too 😂- he earned the “ugly/cute Rex smile” and Rex of course snuck in a lick 👅 ). See after pics of Rex and Maxi- they were exhausted 😂
Yudelka L.
Yudelka L.
Raleigh, NC
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Met Richie from Greta Trains Dogs when I saw him at a park on a training session and hired him to teach us how to be good pack leaders with our 1st dog. I have to say it's been awesome! Richie spent a lot of time with us in our sessions and taught us sooo much!! We are able to understand Max and communicate with him so much better now. Also, he's become such a great well behaved dog! He used to be TERRIBLE on our walks. Lunging at anything that moved and pulling so hard on the leash that he would choke himself! I hated it! Thanks to Greta Trains Dogs we have none of that now. My husband and I were so impressed on that very first session alone and our dog listens to us now. Richie has so much knowledge and understanding that you'll look forward to your sessions every single time. If you need a dog behaviorist that can help you understand your dog, don't hesitate to call!
Dorothy Alexander
Dorothy Alexander
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Richie really helped me understand what’s going on with my older dog Sylvie and my puppy Bruno, lots of training for me in how to train them. I feel much more in control, know what I’m doing and - most importantly - WHY I’m doing it. The dogs were already calmer after a single session. Highly recommended.
Danielle G.
Danielle G.
Oradell, NJ
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Our experience with Richie from Greta Trains Dogs has been nothing but rewarding since our first session with him! We have 2 Boxers, June (almost 2 years) and Jazz (11 years), so with their high energy, we were experiencing a lot of jumping/pulling on lead (June), and barking (Jazz). Don't think your dog is too old for effective training because even Jazz was receptive to Richie! He taught us a lot of great techniques/commands and a ton about dog psychology and the way a dog interprets your words/actions. This has been extremely beneficial for us to further our training at home and better understand what our dogs are thinking when we interact with them! He is extremely fair, knowledgeable, and professional while always ensuring we are comfortable with his training techniques throughout the session. The safety of the dog is his utmost priority. Richie is beyond generous with his time, answering any questions and continuing training outside of our particular time slot if we are in the middle of a lesson. We've seen drastic improvements in our dogs since working with him and have already recommended him to others in the area looking for a dog trainer!
Amy Svetz
Amy Svetz
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So we did a thing!! We welcomed a new member into our little family just shy of a month ago. This is Finn. He's about 7 months old and a Transylvanian Hound mix according to the rescue. I waited to post about him because at one point, I didn't think I could keep him. Finn and Jonathon got off to a rough start and both feared each other. We had barking, growling and biting happening here 😏 Luckily, I had already been following @gretatrainsdogs for almost a year. When I tell you it was Richie to the rescue, that's no exaggeration. He doesn't just train dogs, he trains adults and kids too lol! Because of Richie's knowledge and guidance, we are now bonding, working on commands and building a happy, fearless, loving relationship. I no longer have to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome Finn. He IS home❤ Swipe to see a little of today's training session and J building trust with Finn. It's wonderful to see!!
 Robyn H.
Robyn H.
Hackensack, NJ
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Richie is an excellent trainer with lots of experience and knowledge under his belt. Plus he has a big heart. I run a non-profit dog rescue and he came to help us and one of our dogs, not only did he do this out of the goodness of his heart, he stayed committed to following through with wanting to help. This is very rare these days! Highly recommend!
Justin Stumpf
Justin Stumpf
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We met Richie today for a evaluation with my dog Rudy. Within the 2 hours of him being here and the directions given to us we can already see a big difference in Rudy. I would highly recommend Greta trains dogs to anyone. We are going to continue doing classes with Richie and can't wait to see our progress as dog owners and our confidence reflected in Rudy.
Claudia D.
Claudia D.
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I contacted Richie to help with my 2 and 1/2 year old German Sheppard Gino has been experiencing extreme anxiety for two years now. Gino had been heavily medicated as prescribed by a few doctors and a behaviorist with no relief, he was actually getting worse. Non stop barking, chasing light and shadows, extreme reactivity to other dogs. Not to mention we were unable to have people in our home because he simply could not stop barking nor settled down. After just two sessions with Richie, Gino has been taken off anxiety medication has stopped his excessive barking and we were able to entertain in our home peacefully with no issue. I used to cry tears of anxiety and stress, today I cry tears of joy and relief. It's been a privilege to have Richie educate us on how to form a stable relationship with our dog. I truly cannot recommend or thank Richie enough and we look forward to continuing our training for the foreseeable future.

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